Sheldon's 1998 Ural Deco - Week nineteen

"Adventures of the Road Runner"

Day 110, Sunday May 23 1999... Rode, slept, relaxed.  A perfect day.

Day 111, Monday May 24 1999...   Rainy, cold, 30 degree morning...  Argh.. But drove the Sportsman to work anyway.  Turned out to be a beautiful day but I think I got a bit of hypothermia on the way to work.  Had the chills all morning and couldn't shake them.  I didn't dress well enough for the weather this morning.  Had a lunch meeting, then a board meeting in the evening but it was a beautiful day for riding.

Day 112, Tuesday May 25 1999...  Left at 5:00 a.m. for Shawano, worked all afternoon, the drove to Green Bay to have dinner with a friend from Chicago who was there on business.

Day 113, Wednesday May 26 1999...  On the road, working in Shawano Wisconsin..

Day 114, Thursday May 27 1999...   Hot today when I left Shawano.  Had to stop at the plant and work for an hour and a half, then off to Marathon where I worked until noon.  Finally hit the road for home

Day 115, Friday May 28 1999... Rode to work today and it was a wonderful day.  Christal had today off so she dropped her Saab off at the local Foreign Car fixit shop and I picked her up at lunch time.  We stopped at the Whole Foods Co-op and picked up salads, strawberries and drinks and I took her to my special place in the creek at Chester Park.  We sat on rocks, with the water swirling around us, and had a perfect lunch.  It just doesn't get any better than this.

The Sportsman has been running so very perfectly.  Because I had to get home early I left work at 4:00, and took the freeway to Cloquet, where I picked up flowers and cards.   Running at 55 in a 70 mph zone is kind of scary but the bike ran great all the way.   Then home where Christal met me.  She had brought a fresh roasted free-range chicken, potatoes and broccoli for dinner.  Then we went to a concert where her son Shawn was playing the viola in his high school strings group.  They again did a wonderful job.

When we got back to my house afterwards I fired up the Deco and took Christal for her first ride in it.  She commented several times, how much smoother and more comfortable it seemed than the Sportsman.  We drove about 25 miles of dirt and paved roads, mostly at very sedate speeds and had a wonderful ride, as we watched the almost full moon arise.

Day 116, Saturday May 29 1999... Christal left for Minneapolis and Lacross Wisconsin for the weekend.  She will be back Sunday night so until she gets here I will try to catch up on my yard work and web sites.  Took the Sportsman to the Greenhouse, to the feed store and now I am about to run out to have a bit of welding done.  I have an office chair that needs some repair so I am going to pile it in the hack and go find a welder.  Later Mike and Laura Switzer are coming buy and we are going to go for a ride and a stop at Gordy's Hi-Hat for a late lunch.

5-29-99e1.jpg (34689 bytes)5:30 p.m.  Mike and Laura showed as I was finishing planting in the front garden.  We took a leisurely ride through Cloquet, waving back about every fifty feet.  Had one car pull up along side me at a stop light, driver rolled down his window and asked, "What the heck is it"...  Of course I told him, but what a hoot it is to be asked.  When we parked at  Gordy's there was a Moto Guzzi V11 in the parking lot.  Kind if figured that it might be my friend John Zabrocki from the Wolf's head rally, and Silverbrook Embroidery.  He is the one that did the NARMA T-Shirts.  He was there with his wife and we sat near them and it was nice to be sitting with biker friends.  The temperature had warmed to 91 degrees F. (33 c.), way above average but with the great breeze it was a very nice day for one of the biggest gatherings of running Russian motorcycles in Northern Minnesota history.

After the best fish sandwich I have ever seen, we went for a ride around the area.   Last night, when Christal and I were out on our ride, we noticed some riverfront property that was for sale.  I have been looking at land for about five years now and that looked very interesting.  We just drove by and filed it for future reference, but today Mike, Laura and I stopped and walked in.  It was the most incredible piece of property I have ever seen.  Looked to be about forty acres with old growth white pines looking to be over 200 years old.  There is a large pond, rock outcrops, cleared space for a home and about a block long driveway through the woods.  Can't wait until Christal comes back tomorrow to show it to her.  I will be on the phone Tuesday morning with the realtor.  Christal and I aren't quite to that point yet, but either way I have been looking for a piece of property like this for years.  I just hope it isn't priced out of my range.

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