Sheldon's 1998 Ural Deco - Week Twenty

"Memorial Day"

talarico ride 5-30-99a1.jpg (97300 bytes)Day 117, Sunday May 30 1999... Went to breakfast with some members of my old Club.   They were going for a ride but I had the Sportsman and there was no way I would be able to keep up with them on their Hot Rod Harleys.  Almost all of them have been modified, some beefed up to 105 cubic inches.  A bunch of monster bikes that think nothing of cruising at 80 mph.  I, on the other hand, cruise quite comfortably at 57 mph on the Sportsman and the Deco is still not broken in so I can't go over 50 mph with it.  The weather was phenomenal so I did have a great day of riding.  I rode the Sportsman in the morning and the Deco in the afternoon.  They both ran great, got lots of looks and even some UDF when I stopped to eat.


Day 118, Monday May 31 1999 Memorial Day... Raining today...   Yuck...  Took Christal out to see the land I had found, only to find out that she had been there a couple of years ago.  It belongs to a friend of hers, and she is going to check into what he is asking for it.  I fear it might be out of my price range.

FarLand.jpg (20458 bytes)

In viewing this photo you really need a point of reference to get the proper idea of the size.  The old-growth white pine on the right size of the photo is at least three feet in diameter.  The pond is probably 200 feet across, so this is one big piece of property.  I'm told it may be a total of 100 acres with lots of riverfront also.

Day 119, Tuesday June 1 1999... Rain, worked, rain, had lunch with my business partners, worked, it rained, had dinner with Christal and came home to work on web sites.    A long, but great day, except for the rain, but we needed it after all the warm weather we have had, so it isn't all bad.

Got a call today from my sister informing me that my cousin had died in Minneapolis.  She was only 47 but had been suffering from cancer for three years.   Funeral is scheduled for Friday. 

Day 120, Wednesday June 2 1999...    Worked, then came home and worked some more.

Day 121, Thursday June 3, 1999...   Worked, had lunch with Christal at the India Palace.  Duluth now has an authentic Indian restaurant!  They had a lunch Buffet and it was only $6.95 for all you can eat.   I have had little exposure to Indian food, but I am quickly learning that I really love it.  Back to work after lunch, then met with a customer in the evening to work on a web site for them.  Connecting Point Computer Center does network services and Microsoft certification training.  just a start but it should be a nice site when completed.

Day 122, Friday June 4, 1999... Christal and I went to Monticello Minnesota, near Minneapolis for my cousin's funeral.  They had a wonderful church service and dinner and I was able to see a lot of old friends and relatives that I haven't seen for a long time.  Even saw my mother, whom I haven't seen in five years.  She and my father moved to Citrus Heights California, just outside Sacramento, five years ago and I haven't gotten out there yet.  We didn't get home till 11:30 p.m.  Long day.

Day 123, Saturday June 5, 1999...  Bought a 12.5 hp garden tractor/lawn mower today.  My lawn is just too big to do with a hand mower.  Then Christal and I went to a graduation party for her son's girlfriend.   We took the Sportsman and of course I was forced (right...) into giving rides.   I do so love doing that.  One little boy, about 6 years old, was completely taken with the bike.  I suspect we will be seeing him on one in about 15 years...

We are now packing our bags to go to Joan's house in Wisconsin.  I now have started on a web site for her to sell her house, and I have to take more photos.  We are going to stay over night, go swimming in the lake, relax, and enjoy life just a bit more.  I will try to post tomorrow night.

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