Sheldon's 1998 Ural Deco - Week 26

"Wild River"

Day 156, Sunday July 11, 1999...  moving.jpg (12380 bytes)Son #1 was moving today.  Unfortunately this is the week of "Car Craft" in Minneapolis.  It is a huge hot rod show, races, and all kinds of events, put on by Car Craft Magazine.  Last year Aaron almost won the "Burn Out Contest" but lost oil pressure on the last event.  He is really into this and so are all of his friends, hence the problem.  They were all in Minneapolis this weekend and there was no one to help him move.  The house that he has rented for a year was sold and he had to move.  So daddy was volunteered to help, and one of his friends, Jim, stayed behind to assist.  Happily Christal volunteered to help, and her sons Dyami, Shawn, their friend Mike and Shawn's girlfriend Jaci also volunteered.  So I showed up with a crew of six and with Tami, Aaron and Jim that made a crew of 9.  We did the whole job, packing the old house, loading, driving to new house and unloading, in about two hours.  That has to be some kind of record in my book.

Afterwards I came home, mowed the back part of the lawn, picked "undesirable" plants from my gardens, worked on the computer for a litle while then went for the first ride of the day.  Took the Deco and just went for a ride around the area.  Came home and worked some more around the house.  Even went out and picked blueberries in the back yard.  Turned out that I not only plant berry bushes for the birds but now I pick them for them.  I sat the bucket of berries on the edge of the deck while I went in the garage to do a couple things. When I came out the berry bucket was on the ground and a blue jay was flying away from it.  The berries were all gone.  I couldn't believe it.  This year I planted strawberries, June berries, and tons of sunflowers just for the birds in the hopes that they would leave my patches alone.  Right!  I think they are winning, but I do love watching them, so I guess there is a tradeoff.

Jay Cooke30.jpg (20824 bytes)Later I went for another ride and rode through Jay Cooke State Park and stopped at Thompson Dam.  Because of the unusual amount of rain we have gotten in the last couple of weeks the river was incredible.  In the spring it is always a torrent, but this time of year it is usually very docile.  The Thompson Dam is the location of the National Kayak Center and the Kayak and Canoe Institute so they must have been in heaven today.

Went home and printed the design for the rally t-shirts and had to go back to Carlton to drop them off at Silver Brook Embroidery.  I taped the envelope to the outside of their door and then I headed back to the river.  This time I brought my camera, had a great ride and the UDF was in full swing.




wild river1.jpg (20239 bytes)

Monday - Thurs - On the road again...

Day 161, Friday July 16, 1999...   Have been out of town since early Tuesday morning at a company meeting in Door County Wisconsin.  I am now back at my office for an hour then it is off camping with Christal for the weekend.  I have been separated from the Internet for four days and now won't touch it again until Monday night.  Hope to catch you all up then.  I should have lots of photos and great stories, if I survive...

The week was spent at The Landmark Resort in Egg Harbor Wisconsin.  That is in Door County, overlooking Green Bay, the bay, not the city.  Spectacular place with all kinds of things to do, except...  We were there for the annual company planning meeting for Owens Forest Products.  We were in meetings from early morning until late evening and never really had much of a chance to enjoy the place.    The Landmark is an incredible place but I had no opportunity to enjoy it.  Had my computer with but I never even had a chance to check my e-mail or update this site.  In the morning I am leaving to go camping with Christal and our friends Doug and Mary Jo and I will not be taking a computer with me there either.

headwaters of the mississippi 3a.jpg (18032 bytes)Day 162, Saturday July 17, 1999...   The weather forecast was for overcast and possible thunderstorms, yet the day dawned sunny and bright.  We were packed and ready to go by 8:00 a.m. when Doug and Mary Jo came for us.  It is amazing how much "stuff" four people can pack for two days outdoors.  We had the back of their Volvo station wagon completely full, and a car top carrier stuffed.  Off we went to Walker Minnesota and Itasca State Park.  Lake Itasca is the headwaters of the Mississippi River.  An incredible park, which was Minnesota's first state park, has over 32,000 acres, 100 lakes and is the one place where a wader can cross the Mississippi by just walking.

We first checked in at our campground at Mantrap Lake in the State Forest.   It is a primitive campground with the only amenities being cleared spots with picnic tables and outhouses.  But it was certainly secluded and beautiful.   After we got our tents set up we piled in the car and headed to Itasca State Park and the headwaters.  Had a ball walking across the "Mighty" Mississippi river in water only up to our knees.  You can also walk across on a series of stones but I really enjoyed crossing on the river bottom.  It is only about fifty feet wide at this point and the water temperature was very pleasant.  Watchedheadwaters of the mississippi 5a.jpg (43669 bytes) an Eagle soar above us as we enjoyed the pristine wilderness.

Then we took the wilderness road through the park and stopped at the Largest White Pine in the park which is about four feet in Diameter and the largest Red Pine in the state which is over three feet in diameter.  Them's pretty big trees!   Most of the white pines in Minnesota were logged off at the turn of the last century but there are still a few like this around that are well over 300 years old.   This one is about 350 years old.

We got back to our campground at about 7:00 p.m. and Christal cooked up a dinner of roasted Chicken Breasts with all kinds of salads, fruit, and corn on the cob.   A gourmet meal in the outdoors...











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