Sheldon's 1998 Ural Deco - Week 27

"Wild River"

saw sharpener1a.jpg (21506 bytes)Day 163, Sunday July 18, 1999...  We spent most of the day at the "Forest History Center" near Grand Rapids Minnesota.  It is a re-constructed logging camp from 1900.  A very interesting place with actors playing the parts of the bunk house keeper, cook, camp clerk, saw sharpener, blacksmith, teamster and more.  We even coaxed the saw sharpener to play us a few pieces on his bagpipe.

Day 164, Monday July 19, 1999...  Worked, had meetings, rode the Deco.  Got home and rode the Sportsman, then the Deco for short rides around the local area.

Day 165, Tuesday July 20, 1999...  Worked, came home and vegetated, watching TV, catching up on a bit of e-mail.

Day 166, Wednesday July 21, 1999...  Worked, rode the Deco.

Day 167, Thursday July 22, 1999...  Had to drive the car in because there were some errands that I had to run to pick up some big computer boxes.   Then went to work for a customer after my regular job.  Got done there about 6:30, ran all the way home and fired up the Deco.  Then off to Superior Wisconsin for "Third Thursday".  Seems that a bunch of hot-shot sport bike riders got wind of our "Last Tuesday" gatherings in Duluth and started their own at a coffee shop in Superior.  A bunch of us from the Last Tuesday group decided to show up over there.  There were probably about 30 bikes, mostly Japanese sport bikes, but there was one BSA, on Excelsior-Henderson, my Ural, several Harleys and one Buell.   It was fun watching the kids be kids.  Wheelies, through second gear, stoppies and other antics went on almost non-stop.  I'm really surprised that the police never showed up as they sometimes blocked traffic to do their tricks.  And this is on Tower Avenue, the main street in Superior.  Then they were going for a ride across one of the bridges, through Duluth and back across the other bridge.  I followed until we got to the first bridge.  I am still breaking in the Deco and can't exceed 50 mph, and these guys were blasting at a lot higher speed than that.  So I broke off and headed over the hill to home.  It was a fun evening and sure brought back memories of my escapades when in my teens and twenties.

Day 168, Friday July 23, 1999...  Christal and I spent a quiet evening at my house, just relaxing and watching a movie.

Day 169, Saturday July 24, 1999...  Worked in the lawn, played with the bikes, rode, had a nice meal with Christal then did some more relaxing.


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