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2000-2001 Jackal Service Schedule

Item 1000 Mi
(1500 Km)
6000 Mi
(10000 Km)
12000 Mi
(20000 Km)
18000 Mi
(30000 Km)
24000 Mi
(40000 Km)
30000 Mi
(50000 Km)
Engine Oil R R R R R R
Oil Filter Cartridge R R R R R R
Wire Gauze Oil Filter C C C C C C
Air Filter R R R R R
Fuel Filter R R
Spark Plugs A R R R R R
Rocker Clearance A A A A A A
Carburetion A A A A A A
Nuts and Bolts A A A A A A
Fuel tank, cocks filters and pipes A A A
Gear box oil R R R R R R
Rear drive box oil R R R R R R
Wheel and steering bearings A A
Fork legs oil R R R
Starter motor and generator A A
Brake systems fluid A A R A R A
Brake pads A A A A A A
A = Maintenance, inspection, adjustments, possible replacement
C = Cleaning
R = Replacement
Occasionally, check the battery's electrolyte level, lubricate joints and cables; every 500 km (300 miles) check the engine oil levels.

In any case replace the engine oil, the oil filter and the brake fluid at least once a year.

Check the wheel spokes tension regularly.


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