Sheldon's 1998 Ural Sportsman - Week 13

7/18/98 Saturday Day 85...    Did my tour this morning but the heat must have gotten to me.  It was only about 80 degrees but in the black top hat and black frock coat I was roasting.   When I was done I felt a bit under the weather.  I had intended to go to the AMA flat track races, part of the Wolf's Head, in Superior Wisconsin.  Instead I went home, took a nap and worked on web sites until about 5:00 when I went to pick up the bike.   Started a web site for Excelsior-Henderson.  I'm hoping that I can sell them on the idea of setting up a site.  They do not have one yet..  When I went to pick up the bike there were few people around so I decided to load it myself.  Found a nice embankment about a block away that I thought would work to drive the bike right on the back of the truck.  Didn't quite work though and after a half hour of trying to load it myself I went seeking help.  Found a couple of burly guys to help me and finally got it loaded.  Just as I headed home with it the skies opened up and we had a downpour.  I have particle board in the back of the bed cut to size.  Particle board does not like water.  The bed is normally covered with a tonneau cover but the bike and the bed got soaked.  I now have some nice thick pulp on the floor.  Darn... 

7/19/98 Sunday Day 86...   Well, I will be off to Garrison again this morning to drop the bike off to have the starter gear fixed.  I couldn't find anyone to go with to help unload so I am hoping Marlow will be around when I get there.  If not I may have a heck of a time unloading it.  I did throw a "come-along" in the truck and maybe I can winch it out of the truck by myself, but it usually takes at least two people to unload it.   Mostly because there is only a half inch or so of clearance on each side...   We shall see how it goes, but at least it is a nice day for a 220 mile drive... Would rather it were a 220 mile ride, but so be it.

7/20/98 Monday Day 87...  Ural out of commission still...

7/21/98 Tuesday Day 88...    Working on web sites,,,  no Ural...

7/22/98 Wednesday Day 89...   Heading out of town to three days of conferences at the Owens Forest Products Annual Planning meetings.  Motorcycle is still at Northern Sports.  The meetings will be held at a resort in Minocqua Wisconsin.  I am looking forward to just getting away.  We work hard there but the activities are so different than my normal work schedules that it can be a great learning experience and kind of fun.

7/23/98 Thursday Day 90...   Seminars... no Ural

7/24/98 Friday Day 91...   Called Marlow to check on the Ural and he said it is ready to roll.  I will be picking it up tomorrow after my tour.

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