Sheldon's 1998 Ural Sportsman - Weeks 16

8/8/98 Saturday Day 106...  Bike down

8/9/98 Sunday Day 107... Bike down

8/10/98 Monday Day 108... Bike down

8/11/98 Tuesday Day 109... Bike down

8/12/98 Wednesday Day 110...   I have been oh so busy and havn't had a whole lot of time to post.  I am in the middle of incorporating my web site design business, putting a board together, organizing an advertising campaign using a very good advertising agency, and generally going nuts.  Couple that with the fact that the local newspaper recently ran a two page spread on my Tours of Old Duluth, and a local television station did a five minute segment on it and that has been going nuts.  I have been doing special performances for bus loads of tourists either walking or for dinners.  Then, the Lake Superior Writers, of which I am the President of the Board, is really taking off.  We are in the middle of grant funding rounds, program organization and all the things that go with running a group of that size.  I have generally been going nuts and haven't had a chance to work on either bike.  Until last night...

Tuesday night I had to give a performance but I got home about 9:00 p.m., ran in the house to change, came out and put the new flanges on that had arrived Monday.   Started the bike up and found it to be running way too rich.  I am sure that when we had it running perfectly, except under throttle, last week, that included all the air it could suck through the cracked flanges.  I am sure that it was running way to lean last week so we richend it up.  Now I have to go back and adjust the carburators.  I know so little about this that it will probably drive me crazy before I am done.  It is now Wednesday and I have a job to work this evening, a meeting Thursday night and the first chance I may get to work on it will be Friday.  So I guess I will be bikeless for at least a few more days. 

Ural tech support sent me the quick method of syncing the carbs, now I just have to do it.  Here is what they said:

To do a quickie carb synch, I do the following:

a) Pull the branch pipes off the inlet of the carbs.
b) Turn both air screws in, then back each out 1-1/4 turns from bottom.
c) Check the slide idle setting by using the side of a small flat blade scewdriver as a "go/no go" gauge. Set each slide to the same height.
d) Using a bigger screwdriver, jam the twistgrip in a semi-open position (URAL speed control).
e) Using a feeler gauge on its edge, adjust the twistgrip until one of the slides hits home on the edge of the feeler.
f) Adjust the barrell adjuster on the other slide 'till both slides are at the same height per your edge-of-feeler-gauge "gauge".

Now you're pretty close. Start the beastly rig...Let it warm up.

To fine tune:
Check engine pulse pressure at the exhaust tip with your...hand. Using the idle adjust screws, balance the pulse pressure until it is equal on both sides.
Bam! adjusted carbs!
Enjoy the ride,
Ural Tech Support


The parts for the Moto Guzzi came in on Monday also and I am chomping at the bit waiting for time to get at that.  Hopefully I can get both of them running this weekend.

Of course you have noticed that my postings have slowed down.  I may be posting a little less often now but keep reading as I will surely post at least a couple of times a week and I will relate anything interesting that happens as soon as possible.

8/13/98 Thursday Day 111... Bike down

8/14/98 Friday Day 112...  A big night.   My friend Randy Parker, who has worked on just about every bike made, and eminently aquainted with Mikuni carburators, came over.  He rides a Harley Fat Boy which is loud, strong and a wonderful ride.  If only I could convince him to wash it some day.   He says, "Wash it?  I ride it.  Ain't got time to wash the thing."  Randy and I used to ride in the same club that Bob Talarico, (the one I borrowed the trailer from), was in.

Randy dug right in, removing the float bowls to check for sludge or water.   Nothing.  Puts them back on and checks the plugs.  Dark but brand new.   He adjusts both carbs, fires it up and it idles perfectly.  As soon as he gives it some gas the bike starts sputtering again.  He next diassembles both carbs and blows them out with solvent.  Everything seems fine so he puts it all back together again and it is acting the same.  Next he pulls the valve covers and adjusts the lash in the valves.  Same thing.  Argh....

By now you can see the frustration in his face.  I've never seen a bike that Randy can't quickly get running in top form.  We finally decide that it must be the ignition module and we load the bike in the back of the pickup for another ride to Garrison.

The next day my neighbor was chatting with me when he said, "Looked like you didn't get the bike running, the guy that was helping you looked frustrated when he left.   He was shaking his head as he rode away."  Oh my...

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