Sheldon's 1998 Ural Sportsman - Weeks 17

8/15/98 Saturday Day 113...  Did my tour this morning.  About 35 people there again so I was a bit excited and did a good show.  I had parked the truck near the end of the tour as I usually do and it was interesting to see them as they passed the truck with the bike in the back.  They gawked as if it were part of the tour.  I didn't tell them that it was mine until after the tour was over and some of them saw me getting into the truck.  They had to come ask the usual questions of course.  And I had to explain of course...  Life is so hard some times...  <grin>

Had a nice ride to Garrison Minnesota.  Pulled up at Northern Sports and they were busier than heck.  They had almost a dozen people hanging around with boats to be fixed.  They had two engines torn apart and were absolutely swamped, and not expecting me.  Even though, Marlow asked what was wrong, I told him and he said, "hang around for a little bit and I will take a look at it."  Took him about twenty minutes to break free but he came out, we unloaded the bike and he started in.  He changed the plugs, readjusted the carbs and fiddled with everything that was fiddleable.  Finally shut it off, looked at me and said, "Ignition module".   I left the bike, and he said he would work on it Monday and then drive it at least 100 miles to make sure everything is ok before he gets it back to me.  He even said that he would try to deliver it to me this time.  Asked me to call him Wednesday morning.  You can bet I will be on the phone at 9:00 a.m. Wednesday.

8/16/98 Sunday Day 114... Bike down.  Spent the day installing a satellite dish, two receivers and a new 27" television set.   That took most of the day.  The satellite dish came with parts missing so I had to jury-rig some things.  It is a Hughes, made in America.  Maybe the Russians aren't that different...  At least the Ural came with all the parts that should be there, doesn't count that they fall off afterwards... <chuckle>   Everything worked when I was done which was a bit of a surprise.  I now have Speedvision and a bunch of other sports channels.  I can now watch motorcycle and car racing virtually 24 hours a day.

8/17/98 Monday Day 115... Bike down.  Got a neat surprise this morning.  Received an e-mail from a friend congratulating me on the great article in the Newspaper.  Say what???  Turns out that the Duluth News Tribune had a web review of my Tour of Old Duluth web site.  A very good review.   Check out and look for the web reviews.  By next week there will be another one but you should still be able to go back and find it.  Kind of fun.  Remember, I am an actor and truly love the limelight.  In case you haven't figured it out yet, that is why the Ural fits me so well.  I wasn't always this way.  When I was young I was very shy and withdrawn.  Didn't come out of my shell until I was about 26 years old, but my how I blossomed... <grin>

8/18/98 Tuesday Day 116...   Bike still down.

8/19/98 Wednesday Day 117... Bike still down.   Called Marlow today and he sounded surprised by my call.  It appeared that he was too busy the last few days to take a look at the bike.  Seems he had tons of Mercury Marine work to do.  I was going to say, "But don't you realize that there is a depressed Ural rider here needing his ride?"  But I thought better of it because he was probably thinking, "Doesn't this guy realize that I have a bunch or depressed Mercury Marine owners sitting on their thumbs with no boats to drive?"   He said he would look at it in the morning and would still try to deliver it back to me.

8/20/98 Thursday Day 118...   Bike still down.

8/21/98 Friday Day 119...   Called Marlow this morning and learned that he had the bike done and ready to go.  Turned out that he had fixed and tuned everything he could on Thursday, rode the bike two feet and had the same problem again.  He took the ignition all apart and then disassembled a new bike on the floor and compared them.  When he did that he noticed that a spacer was missing on my bike between the block and the ignition trigger assembly.   The rotor(??) thingy was cutting into the block and metal shavings were getting into the trigger.  Also, because it was loose it was wobbling and never giving good contact.  He took the new parts off the bike on the floor and put them on mine.   He told me that he was very busy with boats and would be able to drop my bike off in Esko on Monday.  I of course couldn't wait that long and ran directly to my manager and asked for the rest of the day off.    Headed out for Garrison about 1:00.  Got there and Marlow was swamped but it only took him a few minutes to break away to show me what he had done on the bike.  He showed me the parts that he replaced, and put them on the new bike on the floor to demonstrate the problem.  It was pretty bad.

I took the bike out for a 40 mile ride and it ran flawlessly.  Got back to his shop and chatted for a little while.  It turns out that one of the readers of this diary, who lives in the U.P. of Michigan showed up last week and bought the Tourist that he had.  This is the machine that he took the starter off of when he had to replace the starter on mine.  Not a bad deal though because the person who bought it didn't want the optional electric start and Marlow had an extra alternator in his parts bin.   So, we know that this diary has at least been involved in the sale of at least one Ural.  I don't know whether to congratulate him or give him my apologies.  I guess that would depend on his mechanical abilities.  I live a 220 mile round trip from Northern Sports and this person has to live about a 500 mile roundtrip.

Got home and had to ride.  Took the bike to Menards to pick up grass seed and other stuff that I need to finish off my newly dug pond.  Then I had to go for a ride into the Canal Park tourist area.  The place was packed with strolling tourists and traffic was at a stop and go pace.  The bike ran great!!!!  I put about 100 miles on it today without a hiccup.  I'm crossing my fingers, knocking on wood, praying over and generally not taking chances on it changing.

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