Sheldon's 1998 Ural Sportsman - Weeks 18

8/22/98 Saturday Day 120...  Raining!!!!!!!   I was considering canceling my tour today but showed up and glad that I did.   Even on a rainy, foggy day about 15 people showed up for the tour.  Did it with an umbrella in one hand. 

Got home just before noon and my friend Dave and Earl from Minneapolis and Albert Lea Minnesota showed up just after I pulled into the driveway.  They came up for the day to scout campgrounds and riding roads for the first annual Minnesota Moto Guzzi rally that we are putting on next August.  Of course in scouting for the Guzzi club I was also scouting for the North American Russian Motorcycle Association who will be holding their first ever rally the week before next August. 

No riding today and tomorrow I am going to Central Wisconsin but have to take the truck, so I will get no opportunity to ride.  It is a six hour drive and I don't think I am quite ready to trust the Ural for long of a trip.

8/23/98 Sunday Day 121...  Had to drive to Minocqua Wisconsin today.  About a three hour drive each way.  It rained on the way down there but coming back it was beautiful.  Drove the truck down as I am certainly not ready for that kind of trip on the Ural.  Got home about 6:00 and walked in the house, put my stuff down, grabbed the Ural key and headed out to find something to eat.  Ended up at Gordy's High Hat in Clouqet.  Pulled in and the place was packed.  There were probably a dozen or so street rods in the parking lot.   Got my food to go but by the time I got home it was very cold.  That is because when I came out of Gordy's there was a crowd standing around the bike.  Of course I then had to answer the million questions, tell the History of the Ural, and generally chat with the crowd.  It took me about twenty minutes before I could safely break away.  The UDF was back in full swing.

8/24/98 Monday Day 122...  Rode the bike into work today.  It was a nice ride and the engine ran flawlessly.  I have noticed a couple of other problems with the bike.  For some reason the back end seems somewhat squirrelly on the highway.  It seems to happen at any speed but is most pronounceable at 50mph or above.  It becomes very unstable.  I check the tire pressures and they are fine and tightened the dampner also.  Didn't seem to make a difference...  I wonder what would cause that?

The other problem is that it seems to be jumping out of third gear every once in a while.  Even happened twice to Marlow when he was test driving it.  We shall have to check that out soon.

8/25/98 Tuesday Day 123... 

8/26/98 Wednesday Day 124...

8/27/98 Thursday Day 125...

8/28/98 Friday Day 126...  Hey, so I didn't get much chance to write.. Check next week.

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