Sheldon's 1998 Ural Sportsman - Weeks 20

9/5/98 Saturday Day 134...  Waiting for parts

9/6/98 Sunday Day 135...  Waiting for parts

9/7/98 Monday Day 136... Waiting for parts

9/8/98 Tuesday Day 137... Waiting for parts

9/9/98 Wednesday Day 138...  Waiting for parts.   But finally asked Ural Tech Dep't to check on my shipment.  Seems there was a mistake and the parts never shipped.  ARGHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh................   Got a call from Customer Service full of apologies.  They said they would ship it right away.  Got a call a while later telling me that there were none of NEW new ignition systems.  It turns out that I have one of the few machines with the latest Type II ignition systems that does not have a comutator under the seat and the are on back order and just being shipped by boat from Russia.  So they are going to send me an older point based system.

9/10/98 Thursday Day 139... Waiting for parts.    I am supposed to drive the judge around for the North Shore In-Line Skate Marathon on Saturday morning but they are getting very nervous about whether I will be able to do it.  Seems that they think a running bike might work better.  But I have tried to convince them that mine will be running by then or I will promise to learn to in-line skate by then and run the judge on my back.  They don't think I can accomplish that either.

Seems (as I thought) that the point system has not been approved for the 98s by the Environmental Protection Agency and the only one they had was not working anyway.  So we are back to the New new system is on a boat, the old point system is no good, so they are going to Fed-X a new Type I system to me.  That means some modifications to the electricals on the bike.  So a phone call to Marlow is in order.

Marlow said that if I can get the bike down to him he would install the whole works.   Looks like another half day of vacation is to be burned on taking the Ural to Garrison Minnesota again.  ARGHhhhhhhhhhhh.........

9/11/98 Friday Day 140...  Parts arrived at 11:00, I left work at 11:30.  Got to Garrison at 1:45 and fifteen minutes later Marlow was working on the bike.  Two hours later he was out taking it for a ride and pronouncing it roadworthy.  We also disassembled the front end as it turns out that the bearing was loose and the front end was wobbling.  We also replaced a couple of non-essential bolts that were missing and checked the rear end and differential.

Got home at about 6:30 p.m. and took the bike for a short ride.  All seems well although I believe the carbs need to be synchronized.  I have had a lot of advise on that and I will have to try to do it soon.

Got an e-mail from the folks at the In-Line Marathon.  The Ural has been replaced by a Gold Wing.  For some reason they didn't believe all my protestations that I would be there no matter what.  But a Gold Wing???  Oh my...

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