5 years old Female Siberian Husky
39 pounds (medium dog)
Extremely gentle
Wonderful with children, even has a harness for pulling a wagon.
Loves to ride in cars, and in my sidecar motorcycles.
Even has her own Doggles (goggle/sunglasses)

She's been to obedience school and actually sits, stays and heels when told, and the best part for me is that she hardly ever barks.

She is probably the most photographed dog in Minnesota.  We live right across the St. Croix River from Stillwater Minnesota, which is a huge tourist town.  When we go riding over there just about every camera or even cell phone camera is clicking.  We've even had people jump out of their cars or walk into the street and block traffic so they could get a shot of her in the sidecar.  I can't even imagine how many cell phone photos have been snapped of my little critter.



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