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"Driving Your Eagle On-and-Off Road"
My 81 was an "automatic full-time, four-wheel-drive" and at the time the "Select Drive" was not yet offered although this four page pamphlet was included.

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New Generation 4X4
Over hill, over dale, on the road or on the trail, let an Eagle get you there.
Motor Trend January 1980


Alter Eagle
We build Boss Wagon 4X4 to handle any road in any weather.
Car & Driver June 1980


AMC Eagle SX-4 Sport
Expensive it is, an Audi Quattro it isn't.
Car & Driver, September 1980
A very disappointing review.  It seems that C&D must have had their mind set on having a Audi Quattro and they kept comparing the SX/4 to a car with a completely different mission and that cost $35,000 at the time.  Pretty funny in light of the June article.


Jekyll and Hyde:  Select Drive Eagle
Making the spline clutch connection when the going gets slippery...
Off-Road Magazine, June 1981


AMC Eagle SX/4
This sporty little 4X4 may be for you, if you're in just the right Market niche...
Pickup, Van & 4WD, June 1981


AMC Eagle
The Eagle has landed for a third time - now with the revolutionary Select Drive system that gives you 2WD and full time 4WD!
Four Wheeler, August 1981


How Select Drive Works
Four Wheeler magazine August 1981


1981  Eagle SX/4 Test
Testing the off-road super coupe.
4-Wheel & Off-Road, November 1981

If anyone has any later Eagle articles that we can scan and post please let me know.


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