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October 10, 2001
Hello Biker, we are sending you pics of ONE BADD WAGON!!!  We have been hurrying trying to get it back on the road.  It was 2 years since we had worked on it.  Our corvette shop customers come first.  We also have a large POKER RUN in April that is real popular.... We will send new updates as we get more done..  Averaging about 10 hrs a week..  But the ideas on how to do a fuel cell and safely were of major importance.. Anyway after 700 bucks the cell is done to our specs.. Holds lots of Sunoco 114 for cruising at shows...

The only problem getting it done is we keep coming up with more ideas to do..

How about a wagon club, or something?

We have had this specimen for about 6 years, and the guy we got it from has been sick ever since... We restore and do all service work on vettes, all years..  You can send any info you like to this address...  We have also had several of the Can -Am cars that greenwood did over the years..    email@corvette-only.com

From: "Sheldon Aubut" sheldon@sheldonaubut.com  
Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2001 8:56 PM
Subject: RE: 1972 WAGON pics...

What is the first picture? Did this thing start life as a convertible???
Looking pretty awesome, can't wait to see the finished product.
The biggest problem I have with mine is the fuel tank.  The filler tube goes almost horizontal to the right rear fender.  It is almost impossible to get gas into it.  The backpressure splashes it out constantly.  Sometimes takes 15 minutes to fill the tank.  If I ever get going on this thing that will be the first thing that gets changed.

I run several motorcycle clubs already and have thought about setting one up for the wagons. We shall see what happens.

October 11, 2001
Hello Sheldon, the first pic is a picture of our showroom for parts sales.  The 69 427-400 convert belongs to John Shaw, Owner of Corvette Only.. This car is almost finished..  The Hood hanging from the wall is a motion tilt mako front end..  it is not the one that is on our 69 mako, but a spare we acquired...

The other pics are of the car, this wagon had a small block, original engine, numbers matching, who cares,  LOL.. So we built the blown motor and got it in after it had a 468 aluminum head engine in..  So we have had 3 engines in it and the mileage we put on it is less than 100 miles..

Remember what I said about the new ideas coming up all the time...
Ours had a pinto or maverick gas tank in it, so it had to go..  That's where we got stumped 2 years ago.. No one made a fuel cell to work, and it would have to have had a filler in the inside of the car..  So that was out and on the back burner it went..

So after several hundred bucks and building a tank from scratch, were almost ready to get it in.. ill send you pics often..  Please send all and any info you have..  Mako, wagon, motion, all the wild stuff... You could put a vent in your tank like we did and it will fill fast... If you send a pic of your tank i could maybe help you out...

 Later, got to get to work on these vettes... Joey and John

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