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Mike Hammock's  Greenwood


Hi Biker,

Found your website about corvette wagons. Here is a picture of my vettewagon. I still drive the car on nice days but most of my time (and money) is taken up with the restoration of my matching #'s 1965 327/365hp coupe with factory A/C, 4 speed, transistor ignition (very rare car). I bought the wagon kit from Ecklers back in 1980 and did the conversion myself on a 1976 Vette that had been hit in the rear. The car only has 48,000 original miles on it. The kit has "John Greenwood" etched into the rear glass. Notice the late model fiberglass "flip" tail that I molded in to match the molded fiberglass front nose piece. I thought it matched the spoiler and completed the car nicely. Most of the other's I see on your website have the "rounded" tail. I'll take some more pictures soon and let you have a look at the rest of the car.

The car features:

350 bored .030, 9.5 compression ratio, semi-wild camshaft, "2.02" heads
Ceramic headers, 2 1/2" exhaust with 3 chamber flowmasters
Edelbrock multiport fuel injection(programmable)
700r4 4 speed automatic transmission
One piece plexiglass top (from Astro Tops)
Composite rear leaf spring
SS brakes
Tilt/telescopic steering, electric windows, A/C
Light Grey interior, blue carpet with light grey 82 model leather seats

Great to see someone else appreciates the wagon. Most of the time I just get weird looks from everyone. But the way I see it I'm the one who had the balls and know-how to build the car! After all what are they driving?? Even if it's a vette it's one they probably bought off the showroom floor and they've never even opened the hood.

Mike Hammock  --  Mike.Hammock@photomask.com 

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