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March 9, 2001
Just discovered your web page yesterday, while looking for news and whereabouts of old friend John Greenwood.  I submitted some information on your form, but am very inexperienced with this computer thing...  Sorry. 

As mention on the guestbook, I have the first Greenwood Turbo Sportswagon built.  Originally it was silver, but some years later my husband redid it black for me.  Mine was the concept car for all the rest, and slightly different.  

Mine was built, using a 1974 frame.  It has one of Johns racing fuel cells under it like Sharon's had.  It also has the flat floor where I have slept many times on trips back and forth from Delaware to Florida.  My rear glass opens automatically by a button on my console.  It's been fondly called "Jo's Baby" from Sebring Florida to Dover Delaware.  As I mentioned, my husband worked for John in Altamonte Springs, FL.  We moved back to Dover, Delaware in 1981, and have a Corvette shop.

Would love to hear an update on John Greenwood if anyone has information.

Jo Mikell

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