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Dave Shappell's Eckler Corvette Wagon

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July 25, 2002
Finally! Someone that likes the wagon too! And has "biker" in the email address. I must have found toy heaven. I have been trying to find any info on my "76 Eckler without much success. I made a call to the Eckler Corvette people in FL, but they were very short with me which makes me wonder if something happened that they don't care to relive. I know the company has changed hands a few times and I'm sure there's some microfilm in a dusty back room with some info. If you can put me on to any one that might have some insight to these machines, I would find it interesting. I don't mind having my name and Email on your page should a reader have any ideas.

I purchased this car in March 2002 in Kansas City Mo. I found it on Ebay and the car never reached the auction reserve. I called the dude and we (the wife and I) drove from Indiana over night the pick it up the next morning. Got a great deal. The owner has retired and was clearing out his basement. There were several very prize toys in there.

It started life as a "76 L48 and has less than 73k on it. The door panels, dash (upper and both lowers), carpet and seats were redone, new tires installed, then parked for the last 15 years. These pics just don't do justice. The paint, although 70's, shines real nice.

I am presently redoing the interior in black and next year (I hope) the engine will get beefed up and a new paint job is in the works. What do you think of black with red flames? A biker buddy of mine has a body shop and is a wizard with a spray gun!

Here's some pics if you care to put 'em up on your site.

Ride on, ride safe.
Dave Shappell   dsride@verizon.net 

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