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January 14, 2002
Here is a picture of my 72 Vette wagon.  Its different to most as it has no side windows.  I am scraping together the full history as I go .  I know it was modified in California back in 76.  It was a coupe T-top to start off.

I purchased the car from a guy, who exported it out to South Africa when he came here in 99' he owned it for the last 22 years.  He is going back to the States so sold it to me before departing for 3000 US.

If you want more info or pics of the restoration please e-mail back.

Cheers Don   dont@oriontele.com 

January 17, 2002
What a bummer! Just discovered this car was a convertible not a T-TOP mymistake, I'm not even sure now if there was such a thing as a 72 t-top.  If you know please confirm.
Sorry about that.  I discovered this by the VIN Number.
Cheers Don

February 11, 2002
As I said I would, herewith some update pictures.  Engine is out the way, the suspension, both front and rear, are getting the once over with "new everything" not to mention a load of sand-blasting.  Brakes are also going through complete recon.  Power steering assembly is out, all seals, rubbers etc have already been replaced, thanks to my Dad.

I still have too figure out why they modified the Petrol tank " the sender unit is upside down" and is not standard. Once it is filled with more than 10 litres of petrol the pressure on the sender unit causes it to leak.  I figure it must have worked properly in the past or the previous 2 owners would have had to stop at a petrol station every 3 miles!  I will send pics of this.  As you can see there is surface rust everywhere, the car sat in P.E. a costal town in South Africa for 2 years.

I've decided to replace the Stock 72 hood with a later model, so can clear the high rise manifold, and do away with the windscreen wiper door assembly and all the vacuum problems that come with it.  The later model hoods are longer and will hide the whole wiper door etc.

More to come.
Best Don

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March 13, 2002
Howdy from South Africa.
As per you last e-mail thought you would like to see the car in its present state.  I cannot believe what an experience this has turned out to be, every time I thought I could stop stripping parts off the car I ended up doing just the opposite!!!

I have so many pictures, and stories of "Dry wheel bearings, Broken this, replace that, throw this wire in the trash, what was the purpose of this?  I could go on for a day.

In any event it's come down to removing the chassis from the body, replace just about all the rubbers seals etc that I could see!!!  I'm about to turn the corner and start assembly.  I have very little time to do all this myself, so I have outsourced as much of the work as I can.

My dad has helped with the project management and running around as well, so things are coming together.  I have met some very helpful people in the process that are as passionate about seeing the end result as I am.

Anyway need to get back to work so I can buy the next shipment of spares!!!
Enjoy the pics
Cheers Don

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April 2, 2002
Hi Sheldon
Not sure if you got my last e-mail.
If you did then this will be a bit of a repeat.
I am way down the line with the restoration, the body was separated from the chassis.

Replaced just about every rubber, seal, bush and bolt we could find.  In turn had go out and really find out more about the famous "American icon,". I had no idea it would get this intense, but glad to say that the bug has bitten.  Everything was in a bad way, surface rust had set in everywhere.  We have had the pieces of the car at different garages, all doing bits they specialize in.  We don't have any Corvette resto places in South Africa so we had to strip and deliver the "hard to do without correct the tools" to the various places.  What a mission.

I will get the lot back this week for reassembly onto the chassis, which is in my garage.

The front suspension is all back onto the chassis waiting.  By the end of the week we will have the engine fitted again, and then its off to collect the body.
Some Pics.
Cheers for now.

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January 7, 2003
Hi All
Back to grey as the big rub down continues.

April 4, 2003

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Looks like Don's Vette is coming along nicely and just about done:

July 23, 2003

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The scoops on the roof and sides are awesome!

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