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Haven't seen anything about Vette wagons for a long time.  Got into Corvettes shortly after college in the early '70s.  Tried for years during late 60's when I dropped out of school to get an engineer in the company I worked for to sell me a '63 roadster he had.  He wouldn't, and I went back to college, graduated and special ordered a '70 Dodge Challenger R/T 383 Magnum.  About 6 months after delivery of the Challenger, Jim called to say he wanted to sell the Corvette. Being short of cash, I talked my younger brother into buying it. We both became active in Corvette clubs in Montana and in '74, I bought a '74 Coupe that I still have. (My brother also still has the '63.)

The Montana Corvette clubs, especially the Great Falls club, used to have several joint activities a year with Canadian clubs in Calgary and Edmonton.

One of the Edmonton members, Barry Stanley, owned a body shop/fiberglass manufacturing operation, "Vette Set MFG. Ltd.", 12633 -128 St. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5L 1C9, 452-1532, that produced do it yourself kits and finished Vette wagons.  The last time I saw Barry was when I was on a business trip to Edmonton in about 1980.  I do not know what happened to his molds etc., but someone connected with the Edmonton Corvette Clubs may know.

Somewhere, I also have some photos and slides of late 60's and early 70's conversions that were at Corvette meets in Montana, but I am not exactly certain where they are right now.  I did locate a decal that Barry used to hand out at Vette Meets, scanned and attached it.

Have fun with your wagon!

Bill Clarkson  a.clarkson@worldnet.att.net 
Richland, WA

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