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Terry Webber's Corvette Wagon



January 3, 2002
We thought you'd like this photo we took this summer of a Vette wagon. We've lost track of the owner as his e-mail has changed. Maybe this will help us locate him. Our club, Desert Corvette Association, is sponsoring a Corvette and All-Chevy Car Show in February at the Tempe Beach Park in Tempe, AZ. I'm the chairman. Are there any wagons that can make it to sunny Arizona on February 9th? These are becoming rare vehicles that many Corvetters have never seen.   ...Doug Hanson

January 4, 2002
Sheldon-I found the original e-mail from the owner of the red wagon. His name is Terry Webber, he prefers to be called T.J. We met him in Spearfish SD event last summer. I'm sure he would be proud to have his car on the web site. His e-mail at that time was  Corvette_Nomads_Ltd@hotmail.com  .  I believe he lives in Montana, somewhere between Wyoming border and Billings MT. Doug

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